Senior Residences
We are in the process of setting up Senior
Residences in France for both French and foreign
Our first venture will be based in Southwest France
in the Dordogne area.
Our Residences will be Green, i.e. we will utilize
products and energies that comply with current
ecological standards.
Flats in these Senior Residences will be offered for
sale as real estate investments or for self-usage.
Our Role
walnutfinance, thanks to high-level contacts in the
Bordeaux Châteaux quality targets.
wine category sought by potential investors we
approach owners (families, corporations, or
investment funds) directly. We then select a
suitable target.
walnutfinance will then assess the target's
valuation, its prospects in terms of expansion
-especially export, production quality upgrade, or
buildings improvements.
Real Estate
Alternative Investments House
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