Invoicing facilities

We offer offshore workers, consultants, and
other independent professionals the ability to
channel invoices and payments through our UAE

walnutfinance will contract with your suppliers,
clients, employers, or any third party on your

walnutfinance will invoice and receive funds on
your behalf and will forward these moneys to
an account designated by you minus our service
Oil & gas onshore/offshore staff
Non-resident companies
Day jobbers
Free-lance technicians/engineers
Your projects.

countries in which you are operating.

We organize and monitor contracts between developers,
contractors, and sub-contractors. We monitor projects
developments, invoices, and control advancement of works
versus schedule.

We guarantee and control payments of invoices and ensure
smooth interaction between all participants.

walnutfinance takes on the financial management of entire
projects including evaluating and budgeting, cash-flow
forecasting and management, fundraising for financing of
projects (debt & equity), negotiating and managing bank
loans and guarantees, assessing and managing risk exposure
and tax optimization, and general accounting.