Current Offer

- AOC Médoc €50-100 MM
- AOC Cru Bourgeois €50-100 MM
- Cru Bourgeois €16 MM

Research of properties on demand.
96 ha. land in Indonesia
96-hectare piece of land with 600m shoreline
located in the Northern part of the Lombok Island
in Indonesia.
Perfect for beach hotel or real estate development.
Close to many world-class tourist attractions.
International airport.
Wine Châteaux
walnutfinance, thanks to high-level contacts
targets wine Châteaux sought by potential
investors. We approach owners (families,
corporations, or investment funds) directly.
walnutfinance will then assess the target's
valuation, its prospects in terms of expansion
-especially export, production quality upgrade, or
buildings improvements.
Real Estate
Alternative Investments House
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250 ha. island in Malaysia
Own or develop your own island.
Unique opportunity for luxury real estate
development or beach hotel with golf course.
Possibility to build small airstrip.